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Morristown, a village of 250, was a center of iron supply for the degreaser chemical AmericanRevolution and even though it lay only 30 miles west of the main British force in New York it was protected by a series of parallel mountain ranges. It was the twin luxuries of a defensible position in close proximity to the enemy that twice brought General Washington to camp his main army here, first in 1777 and again in 1779-1780.

By 1777 the British had established a beachhead on the western tip of Lake Champlain degreaser chemical and in 1779 came close to controlling the pass over this potential game-changing pass. The Burgoyne campaign of 1777-1778 had already changed the military situation in the valley of the Genesee River and the British were on their way to invading the United States. As General Washington prepared to meet them off his own forces in Burgoyne, he needed a defensive line with which to stop the British from pouring southwards.

The only available natural pass across the pass was overland, and Morristown was nowhere in sight. So Washington, with his army and the settlers of the town looked for another approach. He sent scouts into the woods to find a way to degreaser chemical cross the river. They came to the Chief, whose daughter Corfu was betrothed to George Washington. The Indians told Washington that the British would pass through the area and camp in the valley of the Two Rivers. This would be an easy matter for the British to accomplish, and Washington already had a substantial force in the area. So, he sent a small expeditionary force under the command of Susan Ross to find a crossing. She was successful and within two weeks, they arrived at a crossing that was sizable and now held the British as well as the American Expeditionary Force.

While the Americans were successful in getting degreaser chemical across the river, the British were stopped at York lines on their way to supersede the American army. This battle scars the history of the United States and is still considered a significant Turning Point in the War toward Independence. The battle itself is not popular to this day, but the war would soon change again when the British burned York and installed a pro-American commander in 1777. But the resistance to dislodging the British from dictate immediately led to open war, which would last through 1777 and 1779. The second largest city in the colonies, New York, was not so fortunate.

Make your way through the streets of comfort and pay a visit to the gorgeous public housing in the vicinity of Alton Towers in Hyde Park. Just up the road from Alton Towers is the house where John Hancock and General Sylvanus Thayer Cooper sought refuge during the revolution. It is also famous as the location of the People’s House in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. A marker of a ship wreck states it was “rescuers” who found the two airmen and brought them to North America. Whether they reached North America or not is another question, but the Survival Museum has artifacts to indicate they did.

Make your way to town and then back to the site of the battle at York lines. The castle is a National Historic Landmark and known as one of the “seen around the world” attractions. It is a Castle of America degreaser chemical (one of the world’s most destructive castles) that was constructed in the early 1700’s by Hughgery Barton. Barton later became the governor of Virginia and was a major player in the Revolutionary War. The town of York is a popular tourist stop with children and history buffs. There are a number of “off-beat” attractions like a mid-19th century school house and a Gifts Galore Gift Shop, located in the tiny town center.

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